Please fill the Measurements Form as close to the visual indications below as possible. This information is also on the Women's Order Form page. Thank you.

*Every Ladies order needs a FRONT, SIDE and BACK picture*

It does not matter if this is a new or current customer, a front, side and back picture is now required. This is true for ALL ladies orders until further notice. We will not be able to put your orders into production until we have these pictures, so please do not send any orders without pictures.

To help you get it right first time, please remember the following:

• Don't get too close – complete full-length shots only; Head-to-Toe

• Square up the shot with the background - don't shoot from an angle;

• Square everything up as much as possible: camera, client, background;

• Don't have the customer stand in front of a window;

• Use a contrasting background whenever possible: no customers in dark clothing in front of dark furniture/doors or in light clothing in front of light walls;

• Customer should be relaxed with their arms at their sides;

• If you use an iPad / iPhone, you can use the "Grid" option to help keep the camera level.